Friday, April 24, 2009


This is my friend Swizzle. I found 'him' (although I vaguely remember his collar being a pink/purple, Swizzle is going to remain a male) on William Street in Paddington. Originally he was sitting up and Madeline and I walked past and I felt a great desire to take his photograph. As I knelt down to do so, Swizzle slid between the bars and came over to me. I petted him and it was nice. Someone then walked passed and Swizzle moved away back behind his little bars and lay down and I proceeded to take his photo. I then wathced him until he sat up again and looked at the front door of the flat, and it was then that I moved away for fears that the owner might see me perving on their cat.

I may as well also explain why I was in Paddington with Madeline. We were doing a three day journalism workshop and they sent us out to Paddington to find ourselves a lifestyle article and we just so happened to go down William Street and meet dearest Swizz. Anywho, that was on the first day. Second day Helen Greenwood payed us a visit and critiqued our articles before we moved on to the ABC studios which was splendid. We went into the Triple J studios followed by a trip to Paddy's Markets to find a news story. That was a bit of a downer since you couldn't really interview anyone since none of them spoke propper english except for 'Barry Collins'. On the third day Phillip Clark came and listened to our new reports which we had to record as a radio broadcast, and may I just point out my voice is not suited for radio. We also spoke to Lauren Williams from Daily Telegraph. She wrote about the Bikies.

I should also give a shout out to Sarah and hope that all goes well with William.

Oh, I should mention that we know his name is Swizzle because the person who walked past was with their daughter who pointed at the Swizz, and the mother said something along the lines of 'oh, that's Swizzle, so and so's cat'.

Anyway, to finish off, next time I go to Paddington I shall no doubt look for Swizzle.
And the best part was, I don't think he even gave me allergies.

This post hasn't been very exciting except the for fact that it mentions Swizzle.

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