Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On Screen Death

Today I exceeded all expectations and took my dog (Misty) for a walk, and though the weather looked doubtful I went right on ahead anyway. Upon our walk I saw this TV which had been outside this house for over a week now.

I had seen it everytime I would go out and for some unknown reason found it interesting, I think is was because I never had a TV like this so I was somewhat compelled to it. Each time I saw it I wanted to take its picture, and noting that today is Monday I fretted thinking it might have been gone since the garbage is collected on Monday mornings. But thankfully it was still resting in the same spot (oh, and for Andrew and Lauren, knowing you will read this, the house in the background on the corner is Paris' old house). Anyway, I wanted to take it home with me but came to the conclusion that since it had been left outside during repeated days of consistent rain, that it may have become a home to such things like mold etc.

I also came across this dead bat. From what I can see it hadn't been dead for long which was rather exciting I suppose. It was a bit embarrassing though, while I was taking this photo two gardeners (lesbians, I am assuming), asked me what it was, then went on to canoodle my dog. And I think I was okay with that.

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