Sunday, November 15, 2009


Okay, so I guess a few things have happened.

  1. Andrew has come back
  2. Danielle and Laura turned 18
  3. Danielle got rolled my some bitch lasses who I'm going to karate kick with my black belt - nigga pleaseeeeeeeeeee don't test me.
  4. That's it really.
  5. I'm more than halfway through Life of Pi, then next I'm reading Let The Right One In
  6. Umm
  7. Formal is coming up
  8. I saw the perfect colour red for my hair today and want November 21st to come asap so I can dye it finally.
  9. I hate my job and I am going to quit.
  10. I need to find a costume for Isabel's 18th and for the Christmas party
  11. I also need to work more so I have more money for Melbourne.
  12. I'm still really angry/upset/anxious about Dani getting beaten up.
  13. I can't think of much else.
  14. Animal Collective is coming up which reminds me I still have to give Lauren money for La Roux - shit I keep forgetting.
  15. And this is 15 things for November 15th.


  1. is there a set theme yet for christmas partay?

  2. no seriously you don't understand how much i love you ness