Tuesday, November 3, 2009

discover yourself and...live!

I wasted about 5 hours at the library today because economics and I don't get along.
But I found this cute little book called Discover Yourself and...Live! by Wilfred Jarvis. It's essentially about philosophy and he had some really interesting things to say.

"Your present personal characteristics have been shaped by countless factors. Many of then acted without your knowledge or consent. Hereditary instructions coded in a fertilised ovum establish matter which have continued to unfold since that first silent second of your existence. And during every subsequent moment, a myriad of experiences co-operated in forging the person who know reads these pages. Most of those are long forgotten. A few remain vivid. Reflect on these and you will realise that many of then, quietly, or spectacularly, altered in the course of your life."

"You and I struggle to avoid revealing those apex of ourselves which are unacceptable to us. To feel personally safe is one of our most pervasive needs"

"Our Self-consciousness remain the one inescapable reality of our private existence. We are aware of being aware. Incessantly we seek reassuring answers to the riddle Who am I?".

I like what he has to say, I might use some of it for my writing.

And I actually remembered midway through writing this that it was in the Self section. So I actually think it's a self-help book.
Ironic, isn't it?

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