Monday, October 5, 2009

We Need To Talk

I finished reading We Need To Talk About Kevin today. It's practically the second time I've read it. First time around I got about three quarters in and had to put it down to read school texts, so when I went to pick it back up I figured I'd just start from the start again. But it's a really good book, I loved it. It's hard to get through but when you reach midway it's practically impossible to put down. I read the last half basically yesterday and today. What's even more exciting is that it's being produced into a film and should be released sometime in 2010. Lynne Ramsay is producing it after she was fired from the film adaption for The Lovely Bones (which I also have to read, along with My Sister's Keeper before I can watch the films). Lionel Shriver, the author is apparently having no part in the adaption of the novel saying she wants it to have a fresh outlook which is fair enough I suppose. Tilda Swinton is meant to being playing Eva too. I could never really picture Eva but she's meant to be Armenian and Tilda Swinton certainly isn't, but still she looks as if she should be the mother of some school shooting protagonist. I don't know. Anyway, I suppose I'm just rambling on and this is probably super boring for everyone since I know all of you who read this haven't read the book. But whatever, I would say you should but I know you wouldn't because you'd find it too boring and would put it down.

Now I'm reading Life of Pi and so far so good. Pretty just has just been about a zoo. This blog has been boring enough so I'm not going to expand on this.

I'm tired and I'm going to sleep.
Bur seriously some of you should pick up a good book so there is more to talk about.

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