Monday, October 26, 2009

vivre pour aujourd'hui

I'm so out of everything right now I don't even know what to call this blog post.
It was freezing today. In my exam I was shivering so much and my stomach was going haywire I was so hungry.
Never go to an exam on an empty stomach.
So, because of the ridiculously cold weather, when I got home I piled on numerous layers of clothing and then I suddenly we're aaalllll in this together.
But nah. You know when you hear or say something and it reminds you of a song? Well that just happened.
Anyway, so I realised how many layers I actually had on then became freakishly hot, yet at the same time, still too lazy to remove any of my clothing to be comfortable. But I'm kind of back to perfect temperature right now so all is well in the world, all that doesn't involve HSC - die.
I was with Ariana G this afternoon, avoiding study, and she pointed out how many baby stores there are in the Mandarian Centre in Chatswood. There is about four is that relatively small complex. Ridiculous.
Right now I'm listening to Jessica Mauboy. Hi Dani, I know you'd be okay with this.
I also think you would understand my sadness that I missed out on Secret Millionaire last week because I was too busy studying, even though it clearly did not pay off since I couldn't remember a decent Harwood quote except "woman bearing women". Thanks.
Anyway, my strawberry and cream lollipop fell out of my bag and is in my brothers car but left it there so he could have it if he wanted.

How does everyone feel about mini coopers?
I might be getting one but I'm iffy about two-door cars and it seems small. But it is so cute from the outside.

I just thought of a title for this.
Live for today.


  1. oh my gosh vanessa. if you get a mini i will live in your car...just saying. get a red one!!! red red red!

  2. haha i want an all black one or a creaaaam one!
    but it's going to be a second hand one if i can find one. my parents aren't buying me a brand spanking new one :( haha