Friday, September 11, 2009


So I've got work today. 12 - 5, great. And I'm vending too which makes me hate today a little bit more. Also, I'm not going to Macquaire open day and they have camel rides so yep, today officially sucks. Except tonight I think I'm seeing a movie with Maddie which is good, then going to Chelsea Bar if things go to plan. But if not I have the markets to look forward to tomorrow. Speaking of which, I need to check my bank account.


But seriously, when the fuck did I become so amazingly rich?
This is fantastic. More to spend at the markets now.
But wow, this is great news.
Today is automatically better already.

If only I had a banana up and go, this morning would be perfecto.

Oh, and booking Melbourne today!
Get excited ya'll.

And who wants to come see Wicked with me?

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