Friday, September 11, 2009


Holy crap I've posted so much is this short amount of time called morning.
But I don't know if I like my new layout.
I have no choice because otherwise my photos cut out or something. I don't really know but it has to stay this way.
Maybe I'll centre it but I tried and it didn't work.
It's only 10:32 and I'm already dressed for work. I guess I'll head in early because I still haven't bought Russsh or Frankie or Oyster or Yen. But I'll probably only buy Russh and Frankie.
I need my bi-monthly calender. I'm already 12 days behind. It's disgusting.
Anyway, too many words so here is a photo.

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Oh no, I didn't realise the photo's were connected. How annoying because I don't like the top one of just the girls legs. Just ignore that.
But this would have been more close to perfect if his jeans were skinnier.

Here's another for fun.

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