Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Is How We Chill From 12:53 'Till

Had my final exam for the week today. Religion. I hate being unprepared but nothing I can do now. And I'm not fussed about religion anyway. Economics and Ancient next week. Let's just say I'll pass with flying colours...hopefully, not.

After religion Dani drove Lauren, Patrese and myself to Crows Next for food. Got Ogalo's. I had coleslaw and it had pineapple in it. Since when does coleslaw have pineapple in it? It was good though. I think that coleslaw is the only thing with mayonnaise that I like thinking about it. But then again not much even has mayonnaise in it. But that just made me think of egg sandwiches because they usually have mayonnaise. But they can also have milk apparently which is gross. Not that it matters because I don't eat them, or eggs. But for those of you that do, did you know that, if you think about, essentially eggs are a chickens period? They're the unfertilised egg or something, before the rooster fertilises it, or something. I don't know the exact process of the fertilisation of chickens but we had this conversation in the library yesterday and chickens eggs are a chickens period. The unfertilised egg. Which is so fucking gross.

Anyway. Enough of that. At the chemist at Crows Nest I bought yellow and green nail polish and so I painted my nails yellow tonight. I took about 100 photos of my hands trying to get a shot and I came the conclusion that they don't photograph well so deal with it. But I also realised my hands are so ugly. They should be longer, or thinner. But there they are with yellow nails.

I also bought a pair of silver ball studs and gold sleepers. I wanted silver sleepers but they only had gold so that's what I got because I just really wanted a pair to see what it'd look like in my cartilage. It kind of hurt putting it in and was so hard to close which is surprising because they're sleepers and so you'd expect them to be relatively easy to put in but no. They're not. I took a photo of my hear to show you guys since I've got way to much time on my hands plus wanted this blog to be long and special since Lauren's been verbal raping me to write a more and longer blogs. I'm pretty grateful my ear was clean too. I'm kind of addicted to those cotton ear swabs.

While typing Andrew messaged me saying he got a $40 fine for riding the bus without a ticket. Tsk tsk. He's in Florence now with Nicolin and a whole bunch of other people (I think?). I feel a bit sorry for them because Florence is so boring except for the Merry-Go-Round in the piazza which was freaking broken when I went. Or maybe it was working but I just remember it being still.

Lauren is on the searching for old school bikes. Once she buys hers I'm gonna buy one so we can ride around together. Laugh it up all you want but it's going to be so fun. We can ride over the Harbour Bridge while the rest of you bitches sit tight on your ass doing absolutely nothing.

Don't hate.

I'm seeing BandSlam tomorrow with Lauren, Karl and Ingrid. Going to be good. I actually want to see it. I have no idea why. It was like the Hannah Montanna Movie.

Bec, Lauren and Me are buying this. It's a disco bra I found on eBay. It's so hot.
Some chick in American custom them makes them for you. Going to be great.

All this unusually excessive blogging is making me tired so I think this is enough for now. I'll let you guys know how the green nail polish turns out and when more of my eBay stuff comes. I'm a bit too tired to go around getting pictures of everything to show you but you'll see it sooner or later so don't stress.

Sleep tight.

P.S I cannot believe I took a photo of my ear.


  1. i'm coming with you on the vintage bike ride simply because i have one that i bought two years ago for $40. go me

    ps. im following your blog

  2. pps. fucking update your blog already.