Thursday, July 30, 2009


Okay, let us run through today's events.

I woke up late and missed extension history.
Got a free coffee.

Maddie, our bffl served me. He was sitting down eating then saw me and said 'Hey' and went to the counter - sexy.

Um, was as sneaky as ever and put a sticker in Laura's hair in homeroom.

At recess we ate the cake Lauren made us as promised which was lovely. Jaffas and all.

Got smacked on the ass by Ingrid. Or was that yesterday?

Um, what else.

Economics, felt so tired for no particular reason. Didn't go to bed late last night either. Around 11:30 which is exceptional for me. Then my teacher new about my writing but was sneaky when I asked how she knew. All she said wass "I have my ways". And I said "No, seriously, how did you find out?" and she just just said the same thing but a bit more slyly. Thanks Dr Lyn.

Um, then I walked like 10m with Dani before she went to bio. I had business - gay.

Lets see, lets see.

Assembly. Wow.
Pretty much over heated and started to shake.
Had to leave, then fainted - so embarrassing.
Went to clinic and slept.
Probs have glandge again = reason for doing bad in HSC - Yippee.
Blood test on Monday.

Went home from school early. Missed Bec's drama :(

Got home and did nothing worth saying. Had a strawberry.

Scream Queens tonight on MTV. Make me happy.
Will probably make popcorn.

PS. I must remember to do my C&S reflection.

Toodles my noodles.

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