Friday, July 31, 2009

Double Dose

I just realised that the titles of my last two posts have been cheese related.

I also forgot to mention that at lunch Lauren and I went to Aldi and bought noodles and chocolate and mixed seasoning (to put in the noodles).

Anyway, we got back and what was lunch turn into our own Masterchef.
We basically did a taste test to figure out the ingredients in the seasoning. Everyone failed excpet Elizabeth who guessed everything:


We then ate the two packets of chocolate we bought.
Then we rang 2Day FM to ask Hamish and Andy to our formal. That didn't quite work to plan, but it'll sort itself out eventually. Don't fret.

Um, don't really know what to do with my night. I don't want to study anytime soon.
Might have some popcorn. Ever since Laura mentioned it the other day I've had it everyday since. I don't know what's come over me. I'm running low though. Only one packet left :(

Someone tell me what to doooooooooo.

Right now I'm listening to Kevin Devine and Taylor Swift really loud.
I'm so excited to book Melbourne.

I might go light more candles for now, and check out what is on TV and perhaps what a movie but I've watched all the good ones or I've lent them to Maddie.

xoxo gg.

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