Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Catching Up

Okay, wow. So much has happened since my last post.

What have I even been doing?
Where do I even begin?

Let's start with Lauren's 18th I guess. This is Lauren, I've mentioned her before. She's now 18 and this is her on her surprise birthday partay which we arranged for her.

We just had it at Blackbird Cafe in Darling Harbour and thanks to my own great party planing skills Blackbird has now become a traditional venue for birthday parties and dinners alike. Her cake was a giant cupcake from the Cupcake Bakery and was so exciting/tasty. Afterwards we went to Max Brenner but the majority of us were tired from walking and the night basically ended there. Buuuuuuuut, yay for lozzay now being 18.

Hm, what else has happened.

My best friend Andrew has left to go overseas for 6 months, maybe more, maybe less. And this of course is very sad as you could imagine.

But, on the bright side when he gets back HSC will be over (thank god) and we can do all the things we said were we gonna do like go to the Australian Open next year, and when he gets his license we're going to drive along Great Ocean Road. So I suppose that's one good thing out of it. I made him this scrapbook for his plane letter. It's a bit embarrassing though and everyone knows about it, even people at work which it terribly embarrassing when they ask you about it but I think they've forgotten about it now. I hope. Oh! And he met and shook Kevin Devines hand <3 Not to mention the fact that he saw Brand New and Moneen, all at the same time! I couldn't even believe it.

But on to bright news Madeline has been driving me around everywhere. And following my theme of introductions via photos here she is with me on her 18th. Which was, following tradition, at Blackbird.

And as I've said, she's been driving me everywhere. She picked me up to go to out 'Mastering The Exams' lecture at Sydney Uni, which she also drove me to work from, with Lauren, after driving to Bec's house to say Hello. Then the next day we picked up Lauren and got drive-thru McDonald's and saw The Proposal. We played the Black Eyed Peas really loudly and tried to be a bit embarrassing. Unfortunately for Lauren though she's got one strike against her name for being a bad passenger after she ripped of her seat belt to slam herself against the other side of the car to yell out the window to a teacher from school. Tut tut Lauren. Then Maddie picked me up to today to take up to school, even though it meant she was late for her appointment. Oh and if I haven't already mentioned she'd my BFFL. We've already made plans to go for more drives with you may or may not be invited you. It's pretty exclusive.

Hm hm, I can't even think about what else has happened.

I died my hair. It was meant to come out a reddy/brown but came out dark purple. I think it looks okay. I prefer darker hair so I guess I don't mind that it didn't come out like it showed it would on the box. I don't have any pictures with my new hair but when I do it's unlikely that I'll upload one anyway.

I can't think of much else except for that I've developed a liking towards Thai red curry and rice with sultanas. I had it the other day and by geogre was it good.

I feel that my blogging skills are deteriorating. This is tragic.

This is all for now but rest assured there'll be more to come soon, so sit tight.

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